Drone Division offers 3 services for a full grid inspection and asset (health) management. These services have been created and optimised together with top TSO companies during hundreds of inspection flights.

These services help you to manage the health of a full grid, starting from a global Macro View Inspection to a UV-inspection to detect regions with specific urgent or latent defects on all structures and lines. Dive deeper with focus on specific assets with a Micro View Inspection for detailed intervention and reporting.

Macro View Inspection

A Macro-View Inspection gives a global health overview of your grid, highlighting specific areas of interest for more detailed inspection.

The Macro-View Inspection consists of an overview flight of your power lines, determining:

Environmental threats
– Global health
– Clear visible defects or damage

Images and defects are automatically shown on a geo-located map (Mission Heatmap), enriched with detailed images, annotations and indicators.

Saving time in the field, supporting faster analysis and decision making.


Drone Division developed an overall methodology for UV inspection on overhead lines.

An UV inspection detects corona. Corona is a phenomenon associated with all transmission lines.
By detecting corona discharge and addressing any issues early on, asset managers can help to extend the life of their overhead line assets and minimize the risk of equipment failure and unscheduled downtime.

This can lead to significant cost savings and improve the overall reliability and performance of the power transmission system.

Micro View Inspection

During our hundreds of flights, Drone Division has developed the procedures, methodology and software for high-detailed inspections (Micro-View Inspections).

These inspections consist of:

1. Precise flight with focus on predefined specific material, structures and anomalies
2. Registered and identified through a proven procedure for error-free and fast in-flight captation of data
3. Post-Flight high detailed analysis with in-house developed software
4. Millimeter precise measurements and custom annotations for maximum enrichment of your data

Ensuring every detail is captured, analysed and monitored; saving precious time and resources.

Why choose Drone Division?

INSPECT fast and safe
In-House developed methodology and drone flight procedures for on-site data enrichment with custom annotations. Reducing time and costs on site, increasing safety and productivity.

🏋️ 0% downtime
👷🏽‍♂️ 100% workers safety
💥 up to 300% faster than regular inspections
🥂 reducing costs by 200%

MEASURE and analyze

Fast analysis of your assets determines anomalies and overall health condition of your asset.
In-house developed solutions reduce your time and resources by delivering custom data sets for strong report building.

✅ Detailed identification and location data
✅ Millimeter precise measurements possible
✅ Easy data enrichment
✅ Automated nomenclature of data and files
✅ 24/7 available for your team and stakeholders

REPORT at your needs

Automated custom reporting for quick decision making and documenting. Detailed data export possible to your systems.

Proven and used by top TSO companies for authorized asset management.

Our inspection solutions are essential for energy transition and preventing outages.
Drone Division offers 3 services that meet the strictest industry standards. Using the latest technologies, such as drones and advanced sensors, we can efficiently and accurately perform inspections in hard-to-reach areas.

The experienced team receives continuous training to keep abreast of the latest industry developments. By choosing our inspection solutions, you can be confident that your projects will be carried out safely and efficiently.